For the many people, who struggle to make ends meet, feeding themselves and their families can be stressful and difficult. The end result is that more people, living in poverty, are obese and suffer from a range of health conditions caused by poor dietary choices.

SLICE 325 is a socially responsible initiative created to offset financial deficits in lower income households by providing educational instruction in budgeting food cost and creative meal preparation.

Meet Shemecka McNeil, founder and owner of SLICE 325 (Serving Locations Inviting Culinary Education), strives to educate communities on creative ways to serve healthy food using diverse ingredients. 

Being from a medical background, Shemecka sees first-hand the importance of nutrients, which led her to create SLICE 325.

Prior to creating SLICE 325 Shemecka worked in numerous fields including Genetic Research, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, also in a Cancer Lab. 

After working in the medical field, it was then Shemecka decided that she wanted to do more. 

Shemecka returned to school and obtained her B.S. in Health Promotions and her A.S. in Culinary Arts.

After seeing many of her family members suffer from diabetes along with other health related conditions, Shemecka decided to make it her mission to learn how she could help.

What Shemecka found is that it all starts with food and that began her journey to help others as well as herself to live a better life!

"Families are unique as plates compassionately commited to meeting the challenge, one appetite at a time!"
Shamecka McNeil
Founder SLICE 325