A great starting point to getting involved with Families Living Violence Free would be attending our Community Events. Additionally, if you see a victim, please tell them about Our Services. 

Another great way to start participating is placing our information in public areas, businesses, and churches.


Abuse is a big problem within Granville County. To make real impact, we must increase the level of involvement, care, and resources targeting domestic and sexual abuse. You can help us grow by hosting a house party, or inviting us to present to your business, church, club, or school for presentations and training. To learn more about these unique opportunities, please contact Kellie Velez.


We need volunteers for all areas of our work. We can match your talents and interests with tasks that are vital to our mission.  For more information please contact Gail Birdsong.

You may also complete our online volunteer application.

Families Living Violence Free is seeking board members to represent our Hispanic community. If you are interested, please email us at

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.”

Elizabeth Andrew