“The City of Durham Eviction Diversion Program is a partnership between  Legal Aid of North Carolina and the Duke Civil Justice Clinic to provide free legal representation to low-wealth and low-income residents and families who are facing eviction. Every year, we help keep hundreds of families, who would otherwise be threatened with homeless, in their homes.


Our attorneys have successfully assisted people in the small claims and district court process, filing appeal paperwork, and navigating the landlord-tenant relationship. Please contact us as soon as you receive a notice of lease termination or court papers for an eviction. The sooner you contact us, the more likely we’ll be able to help keep you in your home.


To apply for legal assistance with eviction, please contact Legal Aid of North Carolina (866-219-52-62) or, locally, Robbie Breitweiser at Legal Aid of North Carolina (919-688-6396 ext. 4540). Our telephone numbers sometimes appear as blocked or unlisted. Please be sure to pick up your phone so that we can assist you.”

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