2020 First Fully Remote Legal Aid Clinics

The registration page for the first fully remote clinic is available, please help us spread the word! We will be continuing the clinics on their regular schedule, same date and time, but they will be happening through Zoom and people can attend from their homes, rather than coming to a location.


We are changing the format some to ensure that our clinics are providing updated information about how COVID-19 is impacting our state and the legal issues of interest to those we serve. We will have an attorney doing a live presentation during each clinic, rather than using the pre-recorded videos. We are also going to be offering some new topics that are particularly relevant right now, I’ll send out the details on those as soon as they are available.

For now, please share the news about this clinic in any way you can and help us get the word out. Thank you all for everything you do. Stay safe and socially distant!

Source: Legal Aid Of North Carolina