Purple & Pearls on Purpose

Purple & Pearls on Purpose
Ms. Brenda White, Founder
A survivor of domestic violence, Brenda White thanks God for being alive today. In April of 2012, she was nearly murdered by her ex-husband. She was stabbed 10 times, tied to the oven door, and left for dead. 
As a survivor from this tragedy, Ms. White is a certified advocate of domestic violence and uses her voice and her experience as a motivational speaker and advocate for victims of domestic violence. She travels to various cities sharing her story with hopes of inspiring others.
Ms. White received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education from Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, NC. Upon graduating from Bennett, she began her professional career with the Greensboro Police Department and later with Human Resources with the City of Greensboro where she worked for over 30 years. Due to injuries and major surgeries from her stabbing incident, Brenda had to retire. Ms. White’s new focus is to make a difference in the lives of victims of domestic violence through volunteering with the Family Justice Center in Greensboro, NC, where she serves on the VOICES committee against domestic violence, Board of Directors of MOM’s Ministry and was recently appointed as Commissioner with the City of Greensboro Commission on the Status of Women. Commissioner White’s passion is to educate communities on the prevalence of domestic violence incidents among all people.
For booking, please contact her via email at I.survived.412@gmail.com “Then I passed by and saw you kicking in your blood, as you laid there in your blood, I said to you ‘LIVE!’ Ezekiel 16:6
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