Confidential Counseling

Confidential counseling sessions are available on a walk-in basis or by appointment. We also see clients referred by Social Services and the Courts. Our counselors are trained in the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault and offer support and empathy to clients coping with the trauma and emotional reactions of abuse.

The initial focus is on safety. Once safety is in place, the focus becomes empowering the victim. Thus, we offer information from which they can then choose the appropriate options for their particular situation. Counselors help clients recognize and build upon their own strengths, assist them in developing a plan of action and goals, encourage them to achieve their goals, and offer suggestions and help which will enable them to do for themselves – to become their own self-advocates.

Supportive Counseling

Our supportive counselors help process the abuse, understand responses to trauma, facilitate healing, brainstorm potential options and strategies for how best to meet survivor-defined needs, address the physical, emotional and spiritual health needs.

Model of Recovery

Re-establish safety and sense of self-care; remembering and mourning; reconnection – reach personal goals.

Professional Therapy

Youth Counseling

The purpose of FLVF’s youth counseling program is to apply developmentally appropriate educational and support components designed to help them understand the trauma they have experienced and provide them with coping and problem solving skills. How to deal with anger, fears and confusion.

We specifically serve:

1. Children who have witnessed or experienced Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault.

2. Teens who are in or have been in a teen domestic violence relationship.