Crisis Intervention

24/7 Crisis/Support Line  (919) 693-5700

Often the first contact with our agency, trained staff and volunteers are available 24/7 to provide a variety of services including, crisis intervention, emotional support, and assessment of needs, risk assessments, identification of options, information and referral(s).

If something about your relationship scares you, and you need to talk, call our Crisis Line.

Emergency Safe-Housing

FLVF can help assist you in obtaining emergency safe housing. To learn more please email

Safety Planning

Recognizing that the perpetrator is ultimately responsible for the decision to be violent or not and the variety circumstances surrounding each event, advocates discuss varying strategies to help survivors decide for themselves what might reduce future risk of abuse whether survivor remains in the home or not. Survivors and their children deserve to be free from physical and sexual abuse but also threats, intimidation, stalking, economic abuse, coercion and isolation.